Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Very Positive Beginning

Kathy Palmer, President
South Central Texas SRPC

I met with several folks at the TxDOT District Office in Bexar County today in preparation for the follow up January 391 Coordination meeting. Mario Medina, District Engineer, Clay Smith, Area Engineer, and Phil Howlett, Mobility Engineer were present as well as myself.

We discussed the fact that per the intent of the October 29th meeting, the January meeting is to bring to them specific areas within our Commission’s jurisdiction that need to be addressed. Prior to the January coordination meeting and after the December 18th SCTSRPC meeting I committed to give them a list of the items the Commission agreed it wants to discuss, so that TxDOT in turn may do the research necessary to enable them to answer our concerns.

In turn, Phil will be in attendance at our December 18th meeting to update us on any issues related to the status of the TTC 35 DEIS which is currently awaiting FHWA approval. If needed he has also committed to be present at any additional meetings in the future, even if they were not “Coordination” meetings.

Mario, Clay and Phil were all pleased to hear that Guadalupe County and the City of Marion have joined our Commission and are looking forward to working with them. They feel it is certainly a win/win scenario to have elected officials from our member entities all present in the same room working together with TxDOT to cover our jurisdictional concerns in the best manner possible.

Mario has committed to help the Commission understand the Transportation end of things and to help us come up with solutions to our concerns to which he hopes we can all agree. Mario, Clay and Phil are also very willing to work with each member entity individually on specific issues that may not need to be brought through the 391 Commission, i.e. stoplights at certain intersections, drainage issues etc.

The general tone of the meeting was one of both parties attempting to work together for a common good.

I see this as a very positive beginning to a long standing relationship between our SCTSRPC and TxDOT.

Thank you to all the member municipalities and counties that have come together to form this Commission. We would not be here without you.

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